– Atir Gutierrez, Colleague

The first thing that impressed me about Chef Roman's culinary skills was the great quality and breadth his dishes had internationally and regionally speaking. I highly recommend Chef Roman.

– Deborah Lachapelle, Client

This is to highly recommend Angel Rodriquez as a competent, attentive & courteous server, Angel is helpful and knowledgeable regarding menus, specials & wines. He is always very welcoming.

– Rolando Chavez, Bryan’s Restaurant Manager

I confirm that Román is a creative person dedicated to service within the gastronomic industry. I assure you he is someone you can trust. He will give everything of himself to delight you with your meal.

– Tita Sokoloff, Client

I have experienced Angel's professionalism in the restaurant business for over four years. I can enthusiastically recommend him for any position in that field. He has a natural flair for the business and is also amicable and hardworking.

– Jose Luis Garcia Ojendiz, Operating Director Trotters Group

As Operating director for the Trotters Group, I had the pleasure of sharing 8 years with Chef Roman. He has experience, knowledge, taste and a special touch. I highly recommend him. Cheers Chef Roman!

– Neil Meyer, Client

Angel is by far the best and most courteous waiter in Mérida. I have bad hips and legs. Knowing this, he will escort me around the restaurant to help me get to where I am going. I appreciate that so much.

– José Acevedo, Manager NQEventos

I am convinced that chefs are born not made! From the beginning, Chef Román showed dedication, determination and a desire to learn, which distinguishes him from his colleagues.

– Thadeus and Lisa Noll, Clients

From the moment he approaches your table until the last goodbye, Angel is both charm and service. He provides the most seamless, delightful experience you can imagine.