How to Start a Business in Mérida in 5 Easy Steps

How to Start a Business in Mérida in 5 Easy Steps

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While there are many people who choose to wait for retirement to move to Mexico, there are many others who want to move sooner rather than later. If you are like me, still working and creating, you may be exploring what you can do once you move to Mérida. Of course, you may already be a digital nomad or remote worker. But what about completely starting over? Does this sound scary or exciting? For me, the thought of starting completely over was actually both scary and exciting. I knew I wanted to start a business in Mérida.

Being an entrepreneur since the age of 12, I knew I would find a niche that needed to be filled once I arrived in Mérida. And guess what?  You’re now reading the niche I found; furnishing articles full of resources, information, advice and wisdom . . . all in one place. Ready to begin researching your new business idea?

First, learn how to establish a legal business

To establish a legal business, you will need a visa. Certain financial requirements will dictate if you qualify for a temporary visa or a permanent visa. The requirements can change, so I highly recommend researching this information when you are ready to apply for your visa.

In a nutshell, a temporary resident visa is for one to four years. You apply for the first year and then apply annually after your first year or you may apply for the remaining three years. After the expiration in four years, you are eligible for permanent residency.

Undoubtedly, a permanent visa is self-explanatory. If you qualify, you can skip straight ahead and apply to be a permanent resident.

Whether you apply for temporary or permanent will depend upon the investments, income, savings, and assets you have for a given period of time. It is best to check this website for up to date information once you research what type of visa you qualify for.

If you plan on working in Mexico, even if it is for yourself, you will need a work permit. The only exception is if you are offering online services only. Gaining permission to start working in Mérida Mexico is straightforward.

Work permits are granted to people who are sponsored by companies in Mexico. Another way to obtain a work permit is through foreign companies with operations in Mexico.

The good news? If you have a specific skill set, it will be relatively easy to get a work permit. Particularly, one that is in short supply.

Moreover, you cannot legally work without a visa and a work permit issued by the Institute of Immigration (INM). Have we got that straight?

A word of caution!

Some foreigners choose to work on a casual basis:  a little job here or there.

Casual work translated is working without proper permission, otherwise known as illegally.

Immigration service does not turn a blind eye to this as they have in the past.

But here’s another problem. Occasionally, foreigners set up a business as cash only. Spot checks are carried out in cash-heavy businesses OR if immigration gets wind of you doing business.

Unfortunately, businesses can be reported if someone thinks the business is not running a legal operation or if they feel like business is being taken away from locals. Expect a visit by the police and potential deportation if you are caught.

The solution? Keep it legal, above board, and obey the rules!



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