“Angel is by far the best and most courteous waiter in Merida. I have bad hips and legs. Knowing this, he will escort me around the restaurant to help me get to where I am going. I appreciate that so much.”
— Neil Meyer, Client

“This is to highly recommend Angel Rodriquez as a competent, attentive & courteous server. During the years I have been frequenting La Tratto restaurant, Angel has been my waiter of preference. He remembers my orders and anticipates my needs. He is very personable, and I always enjoy speaking with him. Angel is helpful and knowledgeable regarding the menu, specials & wines. He is always very welcoming. It is my pleasure to recommend him.”
— Deborah Lachapelle, Client

“This guy is a pro. From the moment he approaches your table until the very last goodbyes are said, Angel is both charm and service. He provides the most seamless, delightful experience you can imagine. For sure he is well trained in the business skills, but beyond that, there is a quality of calm professionalism that is so rare and makes dining with him a pure pleasure. He seems to revel in providing service and it shows! Every meal is special, and every guest is the most important. Lovely”
— Thadeus and Lisa Noll, Clients

“I have experienced Angel Rodriguez’ professionalism in the restaurant business for over four years. I can enthusiastically recommend him for any position in that field. He effortlessly exhibits a high-level of expertise in customer service: always responsive to client concerns and questions. He is a team player who has earned respect and admiration from his colleagues. He has a natural flair for the business and is also amicable and hardworking. I wouldn’t hesitate to include Angel as part of any collaboration in culinary endeavors.”
— Tita Sokoloff

“Angel, my dear friend, your smile and kindness say it all. Providing excellent service and warmth that characterizes you.”
— Jaime Quintanar Escobar

“As operating director for the Trotters Group, I had the pleasure of sharing 8 years with Chef Roman. He has experience, knowledge, taste and a special touch. I highly recommend him. Cheers Chef Roman!”
— Jose Luis Garcia Ojendiz, Operating Director Trotters Group

“Please allow me to present to you a recommendation of Chef Román Lázaro. I’ve had the pleasure of working with him within the Trotter’s group while he was Chef at Panchos and then the iconic Trotter’s restaurant. I confirm that Román is a creative person dedicated to service within the gastronomic industry. I assure you that he is someone you can trust and that he will give everything of himself to delight you with your meal.”
— Rolando Chavez, Bryan’s Restaurant Manager

“As an entrepreneur in the food industry, I had the opportunity to be around many cooks, some starting their career, some in their last seasons and others with experience. This allowed me to learn to distinguish who really had the endurance for this business thus I am convinced that chefs are born, they are not made! From the beginning, Chef Román showed dedication, determination and a desire to learn, which in a short time distinguished him from his colleagues. I remember him always focused and attentive, open to receiving instructions without losing his good humor. We were very happy to know that he soon left the nest to seek to improve himself and consolidate himself as a professional in the kitchen.”
— José Acevedo, Manager NQEventos

“I worked with Chef Roman for 2 years at Trotters. The first thing that impressed me about his culinary skills was the great quality and breadth that his dishes had internationally and regionally speaking. As a restaurant general manager, I have had the joy of working in Canada, New Zealand, and Mexico. Not only that, but I have also worked for different types of restaurants. It was also very pleasant to meet such a warm person so passionate about his work, a professional person in all areas with a strong ethic of companionship. It was exceptionally reliable to be able to lean on a partner leaving all the kitchen activities in his charge. His work not only consisted of what was asked of him, but he motivated the team. Additionally, he trained the team with both technical and friendly words to express himself. This had a high impact on the team. His interaction with other people, including me, was excellent. I highly recommend Chef Roman.”
— Atir Gutierrez